Why Are So Many of Us Having Panic Attacks?

A paradigm shift is occurring and we must learn how to manage our fear.

Five minutes of reading or watching the news is all that’s needed to become convinced that we are destroying ourselves and the planet. But in the face of the overwhelming evidence that says, “It’s hopeless,” there exists something even more powerful than any destructive force out there: human potential.

There are many, many, many of ‘us,’ the quiet ones who are just trying to get by. But is mere survival really our only destiny? I don’t think so!

We all long to feel part of something greater, and deep within each of us burns a purpose-filled desire to make a real difference in the world, to help others, to create and appreciate beauty, and to be loved. We have gotten cut off from this energy, fragmented by a cacophony of distractions.

How can we collectively live in peace when we are, almost literally, in pieces ourselves?

potential for a daring destiny

There is more at stake here than healing ourselves from panic and anxiety: the opportunity for global transformation is also viably present. Stress is epidemic and catapulting us toward a catastrophic state of hopelessness, but it could also be the greatest catalyst for positive change that the world has ever seen.

How many of your friends, family, neighbors, coworkers, acquaintances, etc. suffer from anxiety in some form or another? I have a feeling the percentages would run very, very high, and those of us who are on the leading edge of this misery, who suffer from extreme anxiety and debilitating panic attacks, may very well be the ones who save us all.

What if WE can learn how to transform our fear, the ones who are most afraid, and become fearLESS? Imagine the impact:

A massive group of like-minded people... 

  • healing relationships, because they practice emotional self-accountability
  • living in harmony with nature, because they are honoring their empathic, sensitive nature
  • and creating beauty in their wake, both directly and indirectly, through art, music, literature, and inspired endeavors.

How might this be possible?

The need to fight for survival, the need to fight at all, dissolves when we achieve a tangible connection to our true nature.

an extraordinary truth

Call it what you will, but we are MORE than our earthly bodies.

To know that, “I will always be safe, regardless of whether my body lives or dies,” erases all fear. Does this take faith? In my opinion, no. But it does require a journey that goes beyond this 3-dimensional world, and no, I’m not talking about religion. Do you have to have faith that a rock will fall down – and not up – when you drop it? Of course not, you know this as fact!

Your non-material nature can also be similarly experienced as fact.

What language do you prefer? Your consciousness, astral body, spiritual self, soul, the ghostly you who might haunt the in-laws or that obnoxious neighbor… kidding!

But just consider the perspective shift that would occur if THIS life became the dream, if you KNEW that another reality existed just beyond the perception of your physical senses, where you also existed as real as the device you are now reading this on…

What might happen to your panic and anxiety if you knew that nothing could ever harm this more real and expanded part of you?

We are being called to explore new states of being so that we may access this truth, both for us as individuals and for the health of our planet as a whole.

your direct experience WILL become your truth, too

What finally convinced me? My lucid dreams and out-of-body experiences, or OBEs, which I will share more about soon.

But am I an expert? Definitely not, especially if you define expert as someone who knows everything there is to know, and I encourage you to be wary of ANYONE who claims to have all the answers.

What we do have, however, is an untapped well of invaluable experiences that we can all draw and learn from if we each share our experiences with detachment (meaning, we don't need anyone else to agree with us) and with the intent to empower.

Humans have a looooong habit of deferring authority to others, and the call I spoke of earlier is also asking that we engage in a radical new type of coup – stop looking to others for answers, gather as much information as we can, then emancipate ourselves and take it all within. 

Keep what fits with gratitude and gently return what doesn’t!

Then, immerse yourself in exploring new perspectives and new states of being. Find YOUR more expanded truth.

End result? Panic and anxiety dissolve, and together, we just might collectively transform our fear into an unstoppable wave of healing potential that triggers a quantum leap of awesomeness for all of humanity...  

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