Who are the Quiet Ones?

The Quiet Ones™ are those people here to help us make a major shift into a new paradigm. Here's what I mean and my sense of what's happening.

The world's definition of reality is incomplete; it largely ignores a more expanded view, turning a dismissive eye toward people who experience things that don't fit. The anomalies of life, the unexplainables, are only regarded as interesting at best, to most people.

But wait.

Is the "most people" part true? I don't think so. I think it's just a common misperception that has created a roadblock to our shared sense of purpose, which is to help the world usher in an era of peace in whatever small or larger than life degree we feel called to do.

The problem is that this perception of "most people aren't interested" is keeping what is actually a large group of people very quiet, as one of their traits is to be accommodating to others. Don't push. Don't impose. Let things be.

Being quiet is a side effect of acceptance and an instrument for providing space for others, but because this group is so sensitive to impact, neither finding kinship nor speaking up is easy. This leads to isolation and feeds anxiety.

Traits of the Quiet Ones

  • highly sensitive
  • creative
  • empathic
  • accepting
  • reserved
  • deeply connected to animals and nature
  • avoid crowds and drama
  • get easily overwhelmed
  • suffer from anxiety
  • feel like you don't belong
  • have a strong sense of purpose

the truth

The Quiet Ones are already aware of the larger reality that our current one exists in, and they also understand the potential quantum leap toward the expansion of consciousness that we may take in the acknowledging of it, where solutions are unneeded because problems are transcended; but these way-showers are isolated, disconnected, and feel powerless to do anything about it. They also feel outnumbered, when I suspect that the opposite may very well likely be true.

The fact that this group is tolerant and patient by nature, means that its members often defer to others. But this habit obscures the true self where the new reality is known and only serves to reinforce the silence and keep us stuck.

it's time to stop waiting

If it's not obvious by now, I'm describing myself, and I am writing this to free my voice and yours. If the Quiet Ones rally, if we harness the power of focused intention, if we insist on collaboration over competition, and if we share more openly what we see and feel beyond what we think we know, we might just do what we came here to do: ease our collective pain by embracing a new paradigm.

Is this you, too? 

“Never be bullied into silence. Never allow yourself to be made a victim. Accept no one’s definition of your life; define yourself.” ― Robert Frost

resonant reality creation

Look out into the world and it's hard not to think that we may be going in the wrong direction and past the point of no return. But I not only believe that we can turn this around, I also believe that we are one of the keys.

Think about it. A large number of us have been in the business of practicing personal development for a while now, and honing our skills as co-creative manifestors. We don't need convincing that there's more to reality than what "most people" say there is (there's that paralyzing phrase again that's just not true), and we already know that we are powerful when it comes to influencing our own experience; but we do need confidence in knowing that we can make a difference in the world at large. Well, it's time to pull up our bootstraps and step into the big arena. Together.

If we view humanity's history as a movie, today is the part of the plot where the Quiet Ones all come out of hiding and stop being quiet, showing everyone who we really are and leading the way with one voice.

That 'the time is now' feeling that we've carried for a long time has become unbearable to those of us who feel it. If you have found this website and have read this far, you are most likely anxious for this very reason.

And you are probably one of the Quiet Ones.

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