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The Invision Process®

The Invision Process® is a powerful transformational coaching tool created by world-renowned intuitive counselor and author Colette Baron-Reid. While talking and analyzing our thoughts and behaviors is illuminating, true change can be elusive if we can't access the source of what we want to change.

hidden patterns

Designed to bypass the thinking mind, Invision® helps clients more clearly see the thoughts and beliefs that lie below the surface, where the past associations that are driving unwanted behaviors and emotions can be found.

Do you find yourself in repeating patterns that make no sense? Are you frustrated by not being able to change them? It may be because they are tied to experiences that you are no longer consciously aware of.

The subconscious mind stores every event that has ever happened to you and associates it with particular emotions that directly affect your experience of today, causing you to automatically think, feel and do certain things in familiar situations. This occurs regardless of whether or not we ever consciously think about the originating event - our mind and physical body are together conditioned to react in very specific ways! 

Accessing these old emotional connections is crucial for creating lasting change.

personal transformation

The Invision Process® is unique in its ability to help us navigate these patterns neutrally, without having to relive painful traumas. It delivers us into the powerful perspective of observation and engages the creative right brain to see the workings of our mind metaphorically, from where we can then actually view our thoughts, feelings and beliefs as different types of landscapes.

It will enable you to tap you into your own intuition, help you to understand the big picture of your life, and show you new ways to overcome old obstacles. You will find solutions that are personal, and therefore, tremendously more impactful, to you,  because they will be coming from your own internal knowing. 

You have to experience this first-hand to really understand how powerful this tool is and how quickly big shifts can occur. Free yourself from anxiety and panic attacks. Find what is holding you back and be who you know you are meant to be in the world. 

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I've used this tool, both with clients and on myself. Here's an Invision I did when I was freaking out just minutes before an important call. I was extremely anxious; my head was spinning; I couldn't think clearly; I was sweating and feeling nauseous... I needed relief, fast.

We invite the subconscious mind to show us a place or landscape that represents our feelings in that exact moment.

Here's what showed up for me:

The sun was setting, and I was sitting on train tracks, stuck in thick, thick, impossible glue with a very large, VERY slow moving train bearing down on me. When I looked down to see how I might escape the glue, my hair (it was much longer in this landscape) than in real life) got stuck too, so that I couldn't look up. I then could no longer SEE the train coming, but I could smell hot metal on metal and hear its heavy wheels grind along the track with a relentless and threatening groan. Oh my God this is going to kill me. The darkness overwhelmed me and suffocated my terrified screams. Here's when I picked Deep Freeze. 

At this point, I chose a card from Colette Baron-Reid's "The Enchanted Map Oracle Deck."

The card 'popped' me out of this landscape into a soothing void, where I found myself floating in front of a life-sized movie screen of my horror. The movie was on 'pause.' Thank you for Divine intervention!!! From there I was able to turn my attention away from the train and be present for my call. TRULY TRULY TRULY a miracle. 

Have you used the Invision Process®? Tell us about it here! :-)

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